Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My senator speaks to me

Got this in my spam filter from the esteemed Senator Boxer:

Dear Friend:

As a result of the drought declaration by Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, many Californians will soon likely face mandatory conservation orders. In fact, many water districts and cities have already asked for voluntary measures.

... blah blah blah ...

Because of global climate change, our weather is changing each year. While we can hope for wetter years in the future, it is important that we begin to plan for dryer years. I hope that you will start saving water today.


Barbara Boxer
United States Senator

Emphasis is mine own. I’m speechless.

By her brilliant logic, “climate changing” --> “weather changes”. Gee. Whodathunkit?

In her next epistle, she will surely impart the further wisdom that “sun setting” --> “cooler temperatures”

I can’t wait ......

As for those “mandatory conservation orders” ..... she can kiss my big hairy bean bag. Instead of socialistic threats, why not allow the free market to rule? Eh? You know, allow the unit price of water to rise, when demand exceeds supply? Free market choices? I guarantee you that individuals will make choices to balance the demand. But, I can hear it now: "The pore and stavin' blah blah blah ....".

Indeed, I should SAVE some water. [Pricing out a 40,000 gallon underground tank]

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