Monday, August 4, 2008

Justifying violence

Seems the chicken-shit, yellow-bellied, cowardly ALF members are at it again. Over the weekend, they firebombed a UCSC professor's house, while he and his children were inside, and another professor's car.

It's the same story. He's "cutting up animals" in his lab. Dipshits! He's doing primary research into cell growth and development. You know? Research that is directly applicable to cancer prevention?

And to make matters worse, their chicken-shit spokesman had this to say:

Spokesman Dr. Jerry Vlasak showed no remorse for the family or children whose home was targeted. [...] Vlasak said often the people responsible for these types of acts notify his group eventually. “We certainly understand where these people are coming from,” he said. ”We understand their frustration. We understand why they are doing that sort of thing.”

Really? So if I’m frustrated I’m justified to use violence? Let’s see, I’m frustrated at all the bums and pan-handlers on the mall in Santa Cruz, and wish the police would cart them off to San Francisco. Am I justified to firebomb them? I’m frustrated with the friggin’ tree huggers and bark munchers up in the trees near the science buildings at UCSC. Can I start shooting them down out of frustration?

And here he's quoted as saying:

Vlasak said the bombers likely were not trying to hurt Feldheim, but were instead "trying to send a message to this guy, who won't listen to reason, that if he doesn't stop hurting animals, more drastic measures will be taken ... it's certainly not an initial tactic, but a tactic of last resort."

Really? Good thing the Santa Cruz police aren't treating this as a "harmless message", but are treating this as attempted homicide. Sorry folks, someone attempts to throw a Molotov cocktail at my house and I shoot them dead, no jury would convict me.

Dr. Feldheim writes:

I would like to see the citizens of Santa Cruz and our elected officials (including the mayor) step up and condemn this kind of violence.

Dr. Feldheim. I am EXTREMELY, Red-Curtain-Of-Blood (tm), angry about what happened to you. If it was up to me, I’d be rounding up all ALF members and especially that Vlasak ass, but to expect the citizens of Santa Cruz, who by and large have their heads up their collective asses and have a deficit of logical thinking ability, to come to your defense .... well, don’t hold your breath.

But, on the bright side, the good doctor now has all the justification, even for Santa Cruz, to apply for a carry permit and to start carrying. But to be fair, I know a few Santa Cruz cops ... and they feel just as frustrated by being hamstrung by the socialist city council as I am. And not all Santa Cruz residents are left-leaning, pantywaists.

COME ON SANTA CRUZ. If you condone this behavior, you are no better than those who harbor, aid and abet homicidal criminals.

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Kevin said...

Hope they catch those clowns. Attempted murder sounds about right. Are you SURE a jury wouldn't convict you for shooting an eco-terrorist in Santa Cruz? :)