Saturday, January 24, 2009

What you won't read about the "beatification" in the MSM

Firstly: This is what the National Mall looked like after the inauguration.

This from supporters who claim to be "green" and wanting to "save the environment". Yup, someone else will clean it up, while we "save the environment".

Secondly: "The One, The Light" decided to skip the "Salute the Heroes Inaugural Ball". The argument that he was too busy because he had 10 other balls to attend sounds hollow. Clearly "The One, The Light" prioritized the"Neighborhood Ball", the "Youth Ball", the "BET Ball", "The Recording Industry Ball" over a ball honoring Medal of Honour recipients.

Well, I was hoping to see leadership from "The One". Nope, not this one. Perhaps if he'd attended, he would have met William Crawford and could have learned something about leadership from a janitor, who's also a Medal of Honor recipient.

Nah, nothing to see here ... Hope ... Change.

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