Monday, December 13, 2010

CO gun sales does the right thing.

12/27/10 Editing title to reflect proper customer action.

I recently won a auction on for a New Metric FAL barrel from CO gun sales. (Colorado Gun Sales) aka M&M LLC.

When I received the barrel, I immediately tried hand-screwing it into an IMBEL receiver I had lying around and discovered that the barrel face bottomed out against the receiver, leaving a gap of approx. 30-50 thousands of an inch between the barrel shoulder and the face of the receiver. "Hmmmm. How odd!" I thought. L1A1 builds require a breaching washer so a gap between the shoulder and face would be expected for a L1A1 barrel. "I wonder if CO Gun Sales sent me an L1A1 barrel". Checking the packing slip I confirmed that they had in fact sent me an L1A1 barrel.

I contacted CO Gun Sales and explaining the situation and expressed my desire to return the barrel. The person responding to my email, a "Mike", was incredulous and stated that the barrels are metric cut and indexing correctly on IMBEL receivers. [Ed: Let me clue you into threading dimensions of Metric-pattern and INCH-pattern barrels .... they're the same, i.e. 1"x16 ... so simply stating that your barrel is metric cut doesn't mean it's a METRIC barrel]

Since then I have returned the barrel but CO Gun Sales is apparently refusing the package and presumably refusing to refund my purchase. They are also refusing to respond to email.

I'll post pictures when USPS returns the package to me.

Avoid CO Gun Sales, aka M&M LLC.

UPDATE: (12/17/2010)

CO Gun Sales accepted delivery of my package. No response to email or refund yet.

UPDATE: (12/27/10)

CO gun sales acknowledged manufacturer's error and sent me a refund.

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