Sunday, October 26, 2008

Prominent Obama supporters are controlling assholes

Or, "Socialists are sphincters".

Took my daughter to the beach today. It's a 23mi drive from my house to Santa Cruz on HWY 17. Normal driving protocol is slow cars move right for fast cars. Now, I don't drive that fast. THREE TIMES I come up on someone driving below the speed limit in the "fast lane". I politely flashed my high beams and politely waited for them to move over. EACH TIME they tap their brakes and SLOW DOWN so they're now pacing the car next to them in the slow lane, preventing anyone behind them from getting around them. EVERYONE of these road boulders was sporting an Obama sticker.


They're not content to hog the fast lane, but they want to CONTROL EVERYONE AROUND THEM.

Now you know.


Anonymous said...

Not to be disrespectful, but where I come from, flashing one's high beams at someone is not polite. It's rude. Maybe from where you hail it is polite. Just trying to point out that maybe they thought you were trying to push them out of the way (which they deserved). I don't condone what they did. They should have moved into the right lane when they saw you coming up behind them. Were all those cars sporting Obama stickers Subarus by any chance? Every time I see a Subaru, it has an Obama sticker on it. Do they sell them with the cars? Or do you have to be a socialist loving democrap to buy one?

Felix Estrella said...

A Subaru, a BMW and a Toyota "Pious".