Friday, November 7, 2008

Solution to the recession

Seems the election of "The One" has spurned an economic recovery. All the gun shops in the area tell me that their distributors are backlogged, and several ammo dealers (AIM Surplus and J&G Sales) report shipping delays as the volume of orders spiked following the election.

This anecdotal evidence is confirmed by a report that gun and ammo sales have spiked nationwide.

Today, GM reported a 45% drop in sales as evidence of a recession.

Now I'm not the president elect but the juxtaposition of those two stories would tell me two things:

(a) consumers are shifting spending priorities from cars to guns and ammo.
(b) the recession could be eased by making policy changes to boost the production of guns.

Clearly, that's what consumers want. Imagine how much money they could inject into the economy and how many jobs could be created if there were more guns for them to buy.

Now THAT would be Change (tm) I could sink my teeth into. ;-)

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