Saturday, May 12, 2007

Ruger Security Six Range Report, part 2

In part 1 I talked about first impressions of the Ruger Security Six with 2" barrel.

Replaced the tiny factory stocks with a Hogue rubber mono-pod. This allows a much tighter grip and hence the gun doesn't shift around in the hand between shots.

After adjusting the sights so that POI is now POA, I tried a load comprised of Alliant 2400 powder instead of Winchester 296. Here's a target shot at 15 yds, offhanded, with Remington 125gr JHP-GS over 17.2gr of Alliant 2400.

Quite a difference. I think this gun actually likes light bullets.


Redbear said...

Hi...I saw your review of the security six and thought I would thank you for the info.

I am currently looking for a fiber optic front blade for my security six but have not located one yet...I may have to fabricate one!

I like to put my front sight on the targert,bring up the rear sight and pull the trigger....I am currently using it for IDPA and need a quick sight alignment...:)


Anonymous said...

Ok I have an update to my security six.

While this is a great gun for the price and it works very well...I did find a couple of issues with it.

First I was having an issue with light strikes to the primer...found out this was caused by a failure by me ....the trigger has to be pulled and held all the way back till the hammer falls. It seems that the transfer bar will drop or fall back from the firing pin if the trigger is not held back till the hammer strikes it causing a light strike.

Second is something like a lockup on the cyclinder. I found that I was short stroking the trigger (not letting the trigger reset) and the timing would be off slightly causing the lockup....when that would happen I would have to let the trigger go all the way forward then advance the cyclinder and then shoot.

Now normally this would not be a factor in using these firearms but using this gun for IDPA and trying to shoot fast will get you off your game if you are not aware of these shortcomings.

I do not have this problem with my SP101 or my friends gp100.

Now that I know that these issues exist at least I can be competitive with the SS as I have now changed the way I pull and release the trigger....:)

By the way my SS has the 2 3/4" barrel and I took the pacmyer grips and put the wood back on and used it in the Mi State Idpa match and it was very accurate....and I was getting shots that even the esp and ssp guys could not get!


Felix Estrella said...


You're describing "follow thru", the need to keep squeezing the trigger thru the shot and then consciously listening for the click-click of the reset.

Without follow thru, you'll have all kinds of problems with revolvers. Lack of follow-thru would result in my S&W 29 sometimes "coming out of lock" and the cylinder would rotate out from under the hammer. Lack of follow thru on a Colt Python shot in DA mode leads to the hammer falling on a cylinder that's not completely locked, leading to "spitting" and inaccuracy.

It can also lead to "bump firing" and sloppy shots with semi-autos.

redbear said...

I just found out something else out on the Security Six....Well I installed a spring kit in this s/s to reduce trigger pull...but still had function issues.

I founf that the reduced trigger spring is NOT good for fast firing. The trigger spring holds the hand against the cyclinder when it advances against. When I reduced the spring pressure the two coud get out of time very easy! Now that the original spring is back in there is fewer issues in this area.

Anonymous said...

The Security-Six is one of the finest .357 revolvers ever available at any price. Able to digest tens of thousands of full house magnum rounds, it was designed from the ground up to be a .357 mag. Rather than using cheap replacement mainsprings, I've found that grinding off small amounts of the shoulders of the mainspring strut will ease tension just enough to make quick repeat shots easy and accurate. A good, hard, Arkansas stone can be used to smooth surfaces of internal parts. JUST DON'T ROUND ANY EDGES! You just want to smooth flat surfaces. Simply dry firing it repeatedly WITHOUT, repeat without, lubrication will do much to give you the action you want.