Friday, May 11, 2007

When disk drives go bad, or Exorcising the spinning demon

In my chosen profession, I come into contact with disk drives that go bad. They corrupt data, they spew forth foulness up their interfaces, they cause mayhem and downtime. With the aid of my assistant and several tools of exorcism, I attempted to remove the demon from the mortal souls of several individuals thus afflicted. The following pictures show the results.

First, the tools of the trade—the quarter and the round, and the probe.

And here is the first individual, from the front and from the back. That exorcism was messy and involved.

The second individual was more complacent and the evil was struck right thru the evil eye—from the front and from the back.

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Suprita said...

Poor poor souls. Maybe you ought to put these up in the labs as an example to the others. :)